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teknotus means Take Notice

Sometimes I take notice, perhaps you should too

Daniel Patrick Johnson
17 March 1978
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I decided it was better to have an incomplete bio than a really old one that no longer describes myself. So here is a mini bio that will have to suffice until I make time to write a better one.

My innate nature seems to be half way between introvert, and extrovert. I can spend several days at a time working on a project, or being extreamly social. Perhaps because of how much I like people my creative work tends to center around ways to improve the lives of those around me.

Most of my activities involve either the bicycling, or tech communities, and often both.

Bikes. Wow they have taken over my life. Perhaps that is not so surprising considering that my earliest memory is of being on a bike, and being extremely happy. I was on a seat on the back of my dad's bike. My sister on the back of my Mom's bike. I think it was the first test of the new seats. We didn't go very far, but that didn't matter. I think it was probably also the very first time I was ever on a bike. It left quite an impression on me. There is a lot that has happened since then, but I'll skip ahead to the near present because that is what I am most interested in writing about right now.

I discovered quite by accident that Portland had a bike community. I realized
that the people involved surrounded themselves with the same kind of happy excitement that I had as a toddler. At the time I wasn't very happy with life, so this perfect image of health, love, family, and fun was captivating. It took a long time, but I really feel like I am part of that family now. Even in a city of half a million I feel like I am in a small town because I am constantly seeing people I know.

The other community I spend a lot of time with is the Free Software tech community. They don't tend to be as sexy, or as friendly, but they make the tools that transform the world.

I'll write more here later when I'm both feeling inspired, and have the time.