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I really should do smaller posts more often

Here it is! Full size

Southpark Dan

Last weekend when I got home from Meagans birthday party I decided to look for someone with some interests in common, and I limited the search to people from Oregon 18-28 I think. I replied to one of her posts, and she was trying to figure out how I ended up posting to her journal. She managed to trace a path through the friend of links from me to her.

teknotus -> axiomjunglist -> basslinedoll -> bexfabulous -> glolikestetris (4 hops)

I was telling Peter (monkeyhole) about this at work, and it turns out that he has met her. Small world I guess. She commented that this means that there is now a slight chance of us meeting someday, but only a very slight chance. Um duh. I wouldn't be all that excited to meet someone I only knew from the internet. On the internet people arn't what they seem all the time, and plenty of horror stories have made it onto tv.

I think I should say something about Meagan's party. I showed up about 2 hours late, and then she didn't show up for another 45 minutes. I felt a bit out of place not knowing anybody there. Most of them looked a bit goth. I think that is the right word. All of the people Meagan introduced me to were really cool. She has good taste in friends I guess. It was the first time I saw Meagan outside of work. I learned that she is even cooler than I previously thought.

I gave away one of my livejournal codes this week to a coworker (kylite) he said that he has been wanting a journal for a year now. He created his journal but it has been two days now, and he hasn't made his first post yet.

I offered a code to Brandon, but he made a journal on another site instead with fewer features, and gulp Ads. You can see it here http://ossuary.blogspot.com/. He must be converted.

I am getting a new schedule so the OMSI trip planning is on hold until I know when I am going to be able to get time off. It will probably be after Peter quits. Then he can come too. He has been sitting next to me at work since I started, and we get along well, but we can't hang out outside of work because we don't have any days off in common. Kinda frustrating. I had that situation with Rin, and Meagan, and Amber, and a lot of other people until recently. I wonder how long it will be before I get fired. I have only been able to meet the metrics two or three days of all the time I worked at DTV. They are comming down on people harder, and harder. I used to really try to be fast, but I gave up months ago at the idea of ever meeting managements goals for me. The only thing I like about working at DTV are the people. OK I also like the freakin fast internet connection, but my connection at home is plenty fast so only the people matter.

I'm slowly going to go broke. I am too used to spending money.
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