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Archiving old profile before I write a new one...

I like to talk to random people, and I like to help people, so go ahead, and ask me a question. Sometimes I am busy, but I will still try to be kind. I usually login to multiple services now thanks to gaim, but sometimes I am only on AIM. I don't think anyone has contacted me through jabber yet.

brad wanted us to write a small book about ourselves right?

Email: Look at my msn user name. I read that email occasionally. I want to get away from everything M$ has control over, but so many things are connected to only that email address. Maybe a gmail account, but I guess people don't trust Google either. My main email that I actually have an email program setup to read I don't like getting any spam in so I only give it out to the people I trust the most. And for the most part I don't get spam in it. Hurrah!

Location: I don't actually live in Portland, but it is the closest big city, and many people I know live there so I figured if people are going to look for others in their area they will probably look for people in Portland not people in a not well known city near Portland. I happen to live about two driving miles south of the Cornelius city limits. Zip code 97113. I have a Forest Grove phone number, and I am in the Hillsboro school district. I have my latitude, and longitude written down around here somewhere I am sure.

zapob is also me only with posts too disturbing for some with virginal minds, and might include stuff that you don't want to look at while you are at work.

Join my cult pytharwinism. Basically a religion for people who don't know what to believe, so we believe in mathematics, and evolution because most reasonable people do. If I was good about being a strong leader something might actually happen with it, but soon after I started it I realized it isn't a very well defined idea in my head. I should probably delete some posts, and make it seem more serious, but that is a significant amount of work, and I don't like deleting other peoples posts. I would really like it if I could just make their posts invisible until there were enough posts in the group to make them unnoticed by most people.


Real Name: "Daniel Patrick Johnson" There are so many "Dan Johnson's" in the world, and especially in the USA that omitting the middle name practically makes me anonymous. It would probably take you over a month to find me as I think there are about 15,000 in the USA. My middle name is pretty common too. My middle name was picked because I was born on St. Patrick's day.

Gender: Male

Sexual preference: I like girls.

Culinary Preference: Vegetarian for moral reasons. I don't like to think I am eating a murdered creature. If you count plants as creatures I guess I am guilty. I don't living things being mistreated. Maybe I will become vegan some day, but right now it is so hard for me to find veritably vegan food that I would probably starve to death. Well actually I don't have to willpower to go without eating for even a single day.

Hair: My hair is very curly, and it gets out of control when I let it grow too long. It was blond when I was little don't know what to call it now. Catherine says it is brown.

Hight: 6'2" <- Below average in my family

Weight: I was doing a good job of working on it. I managed to get it lower, but it has been creeping up for a long time now. I can say that I am much healthier than I was when I started working on it. I can do much more without getting worn out.

Girlfriend: snarble AKA Catherine AKA Catie is my favorite person. I think she is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and has much better memory, as well as spelling than I do. I met her through this LiveJournal in January or was it February of 2003 as a result of the death of a mutual LJ friend atroposmoirae who we both loved. She lives in the Houston Texas area which is about 2500 miles of road away from Portland Oregon. So we are apart for such long periods of time. I miss her a lot. By means of air travel we have managed to spend about 7 weeks together between January 1 2004, and August 1 2004. That has for the most part emptied each of our money reserves, but I can say without hesitation that it was well worth it. I feel the most alive that I can remember in my whole life. We video conference, instant message, post messages in each others LJ's, and talk on the phone to ease the pain of being apart. There is talk that perhaps one of us will move to be closer to the other, or we might apply to the same school for the same reason.

Scary Smart: Depends on who you talk to. I seem to be getting smarter if that is possible.

Job: I'm currently developing my skills with GNU/Linux, c, and perl programming. I'm hoping this will give me new opportunities. I have a lot of ideas for products, and services I think I could sell. I'm working on developing some of them, and would like to start my own business as soon as I have stuff ready. Meanwhile I have to pretty much beg for money. I'm interested in having a part time job as long as it doesn't get in the way of going to school. I am also willing to do consulting work for a modest fee. I have done professional sales, and tech support with about a year of experience each. I can fix various problems with popular M$ operating systems, Mac OS, and Linux.

Car: Subaru Legacy. I would rather have a Subaru Impreza WRX.

Aspirations: I would really like to be an mathematician, computer programmer, inventor, scientist, or some combination of that. I just need to follow through with one of my many ideas. I'm getting closer to getting there, but it takes an awfully long time. I really want to get back to school, and work on mastering some interests, and some things that aren't really that interesting to me, but skills I need to master none the less. The degree I most want to have is a PHD in mathematics. Does that say anything about my nerd status?

TheSparks personality test says that I am a DIAT, or experimenter. Not that I use thespark anymore, and I think my personality changes a bit over time.

I love solving puzzles. I'm good at it.

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative OS.
Linux Distro Logos
Linux is love.
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