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Sleep deprived

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Oct. 19th, 2007 | 07:09 am

First there was the feeling that something alive was on my arm. I brushed my arm in a rather panicky way, and grabbed a flashlight from the side of my bed to see if it was anything. If I hadn't killed it I had at least critically injured it in my blindly brushing it off of myself. I looked around for signs of where it came from but of course it was just the one. This made it a little harder for me to get to sleep. I consoled myself with "the poisonous ones that live in Oregon never even get half that big, I was never really in danger". Did I mention it was big?

Then there was the party upstairs at 2AM.

But this morning looking around I see no obvious evidence that any of this really happened. Was it all just little nightmares? Am I going crazy?

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