Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

Starting to settle in

For the first two weeks after I moved I didn't have any internet access at all. I still don't have cell phone service in my living space, it takes a few minutes to be able to make a call upstairs even. I've been concentrating on other goals though. Since my mom died my grandpa has been pushing me constantly to get healthy, and it has been a big goal of mine. Since starting my job in Portland I have been mostly eating better. Not only can I afford to by better food, but there is so much more quality food available in Portland than Cornelius. The biggest push to move to Portland was the commute. Driving has taken up so much of my time, and money. My goal with moving to Portland has always been to bike commute. This isn't the easiest time of year to pick up that goal. It's been so cold, and rainy. I've spent about $500 towards that goal. Most of it on clothing, but I also got a bag for the back of my bike, and fenders. I still need to get road tires, warmer socks, waterproof biking gloves, a bell, new shoes, and probably other things I haven't thought of. But what I have so far has already made an amazing difference. I rode about 6 miles on Wednesday, about 14 on Thursday, and for once I didn't get soaked from my own sweat. Cold weather clothing that breathes, and stays warm is great.

On another note. Thanksgiving weekend was pretty good. A lot of people cried when there was talk of the three family members that died this year. The food was great, but it just wasn't that happy a time. After that I went to Christina's (lovemotionstory) party. It was great that people I knew showed up. It was happy, and fun which was just what I needed after the family thing. Actually I needed it a lot. The next two days were also spent with family. One of them was the Civil war game with my second cousins. I don't like football at all, but I felt like I needed to bond with them as much as I had an opportunity to do. Two of the people we lost this year were always really good at keeping the family together, and without them we have to do an even better job of keeping that up ourselves. I had a bunch of fun AFTER the football game was over. On Saturday it was Audry's Engagement party. She spent most of the time talking to her friends, and I spent most of it talking with family. I think I got a lot of good advice out of that.
Tags: biking, engagement, family, friends, parties, thanksgiving
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