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Now I remember

Monday mostly sucked. The dealer told me that it would cost $150 to fix the drivers side door lock on my car. For about 2 months now I have had to unlock my car from the passenger side door, and then reach over to the drivers side to unlock that door. Then walk around to the other side of the car, and get in. I was suspicious so I took apart the door to find out what was wrong. I don't think I could fix it without breaking something like the window. $150 started to look like a bargain. An important chunk of metal had broken in 2. I jurry rigged something just to make sure that opening the window wouldn't shatter the glass. It is looking less like a convenience issue, and more like something that simply needs to be done.

I thought that Ben wanted to go to Fry's with me on Monday, but I couldn't contact him. Stupid AIM.

On the plus side I pre ordered two Evangelion movies. Also I finnaly got around to buying myself a Garbage album after watching behind the music while waiting at the dealer for my oil to get changed 1000 miles overdue.

Two cool things happened on Tuesday. I brought Meagan a birthday present, and she seemed to really like it. She gave me a hug even. I was compleatly surprised to be getting a hug from Meagan, shocked is perhaps a better word. It's not like I didn't think that Meagan ever gives hugs. I don't know why I was so surprised, I just was.

The other cool thing is that I found someone had a livejournal, and when I went to their userinfo page I was listed as a friend already.
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