Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

This weekend!

So this weekend there are some fun possibilities. As I mentioned earlier, there are beaches, at the ocean and at rivers. There is also Zoobomb late Sunday night. Hiking, biking. And tomorrow evening there is Roller Derby. I've been wanting to check that out for a while now. Nicole was talking about it today. If you want to do any of these things with me please let me know. I wanted this to be a quality post like the one I did yesterday, but I am just too tired for that at the moment.

Today was pretty good. I felt like I got a lot done in the morning, but there was just so much to do. Then it got hot, the AC wasn't working, most of the windows are painted shut, and even with the one window that will work it was nearly as hot outside. Andrew couldn't take the heat after a while, so he headed to StumpTown coffee for the AC, got himself a beer, and worked from there. Ah the wonders of computer work, and abundant wifi. We can literally do our jobs from almost anywhere. Then the rest of us gave up. It was just too hot to think. We all headed to the Rialto. Happy hour drinks, food, and pool. Then we went to see "Little Miss Sunshine". I think that was the name. It was really good. It gets funnier as the movie goes on.

I'm not sure if the early exit saved me from anything but the heat as all that works still needs to be done. Theoretically at least I can do it all from home though.
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