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Ruby slippers

So I have been meaning to update much more often. Last week when I was so busy either working, or just commuting back and forth from work it was on the things I really wanted to do as soon as I had time. You know what though, as soon as I had time when the temp job ended I spent my time learning a programming language called ruby. That was Tuesday. It was gorgeous perfect weather all day, and I was inside staring at a computer screen. When I finally got out, and went for a ride I was considering whether, or not I was insane for wasting most of that day inside. The job I am interviewing for next week is all about ruby. I don't actually need to know it for the job, but it would help somewhat to know it. So maybe I was being smart.

Anyways I want to make a big post now, and I am going to work in reverse chronological order from the near future to a few weeks ago.

Moving to Portland

Remember in The Wizard Of OZ where Dorthy clicked her heals together three times saying "There's no place like home, There's no place like home, there's no place like home...". My life has been felt fairly chaotic, and out of my control for a while. I've been wanting to wish myself someplace safe. The problem is such slippers would just whisk me right to where I am sitting. I need a new home. I find that I miss so many opportunities here. Everything is in Portland. I have so much more fun there, and I see so many more of my friends. So the hope is that I will get this job, and have the money I need to move to Portland.

Oregon Coast, on Saturday?

It is going to be so hot this weekend that I think I will want to escape. Anyone want to go with me?

Clothing optional beach on Sauvies island tomorrow!

My friend invited me to go to the clothing optional beach tomorrow. Anyone else want to go. I think I will have space in my car for two more bodies, but I may have to ask my friend if it's alright if I bring more people. Tell me here, or off list if you want to go.


I just buried the third family member in as many months. The day after my mom's funeral my mom's Aunt Ellen died, and today it was Ellen's husband Dale who was buried. You can see why I want ruby slippers to get me away from here. On top of this on Tuesday when I was riding my bike I stopped at a roadside memorial. There were bits of car left that no one had picked up. Lots of messages of love. I know that he was a father with a young child, and that he died on the same day as my great uncle, and that is about it. Yesterday one of my buddies told me about a mass murder at a place they had intended to be at on the day it happened. So much death is hard for me to process. It just makes me want to live as much life as I can. Maybe I can help prevent more deaths, and I'm willing to risk myself somewhat to do that.

Temp Linux admin job July 10-17

I had a temporary Linux admin job at http://www.cmdpdx.com It was pretty fun, though a lot of hard work. I setup a bunch of different stuff on a beefy Linux box. Not much of it stuff I would actually want to use though. I met a girl there named Emma who is pretty cool, and probably the biggest CS nerd I have ever met. She was on LJ until a few days ago when she deleted her journal. I tried to convince her not to today, but I probably failed at that. I had coffee with her at Backspace on Saturday

Hmm. Still no mention of last weekend's party, or swimming the week before. Or the geek fair. Next post maybe. I'm tired of this one already.
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