Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

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Too busy to post

I've been working this week. I have so much to post about, but I just can't because almost any time I have besides working, and commuting is devoted to eating, bathing, or sleeping, and not nearly enough of that is sleeping.

I've been making new friends. Friends are neat. When does someone stop being an acquaintance, and start being a friend? Who knows?

Deren & Becky had a new baby on Sunday around 4:30 AM
I went swimming on the Sandy river on Sunday with a bunch of people I had only just met

Started doing a temp Linux admin job that is supposedly making me a bunch of money, but I have to beg for gas just to get to work, and I can't afford to buy lunch.

Wow really I didn't even have time to make that post. I hope I'm not late to work.
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