Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

Endorphins are my drug

I've been getting a lot more exercise recently. Walking, running, bike riding mostly. I've also helped 3 people move, plus moved a piano, and pruned trees. I've found that a half mile run does a lot more to perk me up than even a whole pot of coffee can. Unfortunately it also has a crash a few hours later. I think I am getting in better shape. My ride to Hillsboro, and back last night seemed to go a lot faster, and make me less tired than the one last Saturday, and my butt doesn't hurt this time. Maybe I will do it again tomorrow, maybe later this week I will be up for riding around Hagg Lake, and back home. Although I feel like I am getting in better shape I haven't lost any weight at all. I hope I at least look a little better, but I can't tell.

No word on the full time job I applied for yet, but I have a computer gig early next week. I should probably be reading up on the stuff I am going to do for that. Then maybe reading up on job interview tips.

I kinda feel like riding my unicycle now. I need to practice if I'm ever going to get really good at it. It's really tiring to ride it any distance though so I don't feel like riding it all the time. I actually ride slower than a walk, and burn many more calories. Most of that is work balancing again after losing balance. It works my muscles around my belly sides, and lower back the most. When I can keep myself close to balanced, and pedal very smoothly I seem to work a lot less.
Tags: biking, running, walking
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