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I need to write in this journal more. I keep thinking about stuff I want to write about, and then not writing about it.

I don't have anything about helping 3 different people move, or other work I did for other people.
3 job opportunities
People i've met, or hung out with
the bike fair
All the exercise I have been getting
How I bring my GPS with me almost all the time now
The wedding reception
The baby showers
keeping my unicycle in the trunk of my car

I don't know if I even listed all of the important stuff. Hopefully I will get to all of that before I forget about it.

I started working on a new profile/bio page, and I have also been working on my resume today. They seem like they involve the same kinds of thought processes. They are both about describing myself, but with different purposes in mind.

I have a resume now. It could probably use a little polishing still.
Still need to do a cover letter.

I have never wanted a job so bad. I'm trying to do everything right, and I think I may be using up too much time in the process. A lot of that couldn't be helped though as I didn't expect an opportunity like this, and had other commitments.

I'm betting that at least the first half of tomorrow I will be busy with family stuff. I really want to have time to finish my application. I've been thinking so much about how much better life would be with this job. For example tonight I would have been able to do fun stuff in Portland instead of stuck at home without money, or gas.

Time for sleep

1:17 edit

I should have been asleep a long time ago. Stupid internet addiction
Also I remembered that I need to add the IVY Pull to the list. If the organizer of that hadn't mentioned the bike fair I'm sure I would have forgotten, and it was fun showing the other volunteers a geocache in the park.
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