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I love you everybody

It was a good day today.

I like waking up to positive messages in my email. Today I had three of them.

Well fathers day I spent much of with my father. The whole family went to see "Attack of the clones". My mom left about 10 minutes into the movie. I think it was because the sound was too loud. Personally I always have earplugs with me so I wasn't bothered. Then we went out for pizza. I usually don't have nearly that much fun with my family.

I got Meagan a present I hope that she will like it. I would have delivered it perhaps if I had any contact from her. I work with her so no problem. Well assuming she likes it.

I went to Deren, and Becky's for a while. They would be disappointed if I didn't show up on Sunday. Until about three weeks about we both lived far from heavily populated areas. And we lived close to each other so I spent a lot of time at there place. Now we both live in Beaverton, so they are still close by. I brought Becky a present. She liked it a bunch.

They were going out for drinks with people I knew, but I had something else on my list that I needed to do. I had wanted to stop by Rin's earlier in the day but I was having difficulty contacting her. I went shopping at WinCo with Kymmi, and Rin. Then we hung out for a while until they got sleepy.

I'm sleepy myself. More than I expected to be tonight. I think I will put some things off until tomorrow.
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