Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

karrlii is my hero

Last night I went to the pdxlug meeting, and it had the worst attendance ever. Perhaps a combination of the mailing list being down, and the snow. Only one other person showed up, and after he left, I was doing internet stuff for a while. Just about the time I was going to leave a girl tripped over my power cord ripping the cable out of the brick. A quick search online revealed that brand new power bricks cost can cost more than I even paid for my used laptop. The girl whose name I later found out is Adrian offered to pay for a new one since it was her fault for breaking it, but would've felt guilty about that. So expensive, and partly my fault.

Today karrlii came through for me when she gave me an extra one she had at her apartment. When she gave it to me I was so happy I wanted to give her a big hug, but I can never tell who will gladly accept a hug, and who won't, even among my friends. Anyways she wins for today.

[9:19 edit]
Karrlii I'm sorry I forgot to bring you a cookie. When I got home they were all gone so maybe I was too late anyways.
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