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Preparing to switch tracks

My life is about to make a dramatic change. I feel like I am expected to be enthusiastic, and excited about it, but as with any change of this magnitude there is so much uncertainty, and with that fear, and anxiety. I am about to drive from about an hour away from the Pacific Ocean to about an hour away from the Gulf of Mexico crossing multiple mountain ranges including the continental divide in the middle somewhere. I'm going to start a new job, and a new career in a place where I have only one friend, and no acquaintances outside of her family. I am unproven in my new career, and as such I am uncertain of my ability to satisfactorily meet the job requirements, and maintain employment. I have never driven my car in any direction for more than about 8 hours, and the thought of a trip lasting days concerns me. It took me a very long time to make the few good friends that I have, and I worry that I will have great difficulty making new ones. Being an Oregonian is such a part of my identity, and I worry about losing that if I stay there too long. Will I even have an internet connection to use to contact my friends in Oregon? Most of all I worry that the one person there that loves me will tire of me, and I will be stuck there with no one.

I have many things that I need to do to prepare.


Saying good by


AAA membership
oil change
tire rotation
plan route


Choosing what to bring with me, and packing it up
Backup computer?
Bring desktop?
Extra computer to give to the people I am staying with to encourage them to get internet
cooking stuff


Finish setting up free geek library
Some work for grandpa
Tags: cornelius, houston, moving, oregon, portland, texas, worries
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