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Back to Oregon for a while

I love my Catherine so much, and it hurts to leave her for Oregon yet again. People are waiting for me in Oregon, and they miss me. I have missed a lot of things in Oregon from being here. More from the extension than from the trip as originally planned, but then I think I got more out of the trips extension than I did from the first half of the trip. When I come to Houston again I will have a half time job that pays a little over double minimum wage, but I will have a free room to stay in, and a possibility of more work. It will get my foot in the door of a new career path. Also I have started to get busy on a software project I have been wanting to work on for a very long time. So I am starting both a job as a computer admin, and as an open source free software project leader at the same time. Both computer admin stuff, and coding are more fun than they have been in a long time. I think a lot of that is a different outlook on life. I think I am finally getting over perfectionism. I think Catherine is helping me a lot with that. She keeps encouraging me to go for the somewhat risky messier, yet faster, and more efficient solution, while I tend towards the safe end of the spectrum. I think we will meet in the happy middle somewhere. The uncertainty of all of the changes ahead in my life scare me, but I know I will have the welcoming arms of my pretty girlfriend waiting for me.
Tags: computer admin, free software, houston, oregon
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