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I've been kinda busy

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Oct. 4th, 2005 | 01:45 am
mood: tiredtired

I was just realizing how busy I have been in the last little while. The week before last I hardly did anything. I was worried about Hurricane Rita eating my girlfriend. The storm was a category 5, and had a track taking it directly over the place my girlfriend was staying. The roads were already choked, and she didn't have the means to leave. But by Friday night it was a category 3, and unlikely to pass within a hundred miles of her. Late Saturday morning I had word that she was fine, and I headed to Free Geek with the laptop I put windows 98 on for someone who came into the tech support office, and was told only Linux was supported. Oh, and her hard drive was dead, and I replaced it with one I had. She was very happy as she could now surf from a coffee shop.

Sunday Lance Armstrong's livestrong ride had a rest stop practically across the street from my house. My road is two miles long, and the ride passed by both ends, but my road itself wasn't on any of the maps. That didn't stop Lance himself from riding down my road with a police escort. I wonder what route he took, and why he passed my house. Maybe he just wanted the challenge of climbing the hill at the other end of the road, or maybe it was for a photo opp. I got a few pictures. I decided that speed is as important a spec as megapixels in a digital camera as perfect shots turned into mediocre shots. I had him riding straight for me looking up only about 5 feet away, but because of the delay I got the top of his helmet. Remind me to upload pictures, or I will forget.

I also helped my friend move his mom for many hours on Sunday, and a few more on Monday. Monday I also helped with painting my parents house, by masking most of the windows which took hours to do.

Tuesday I did Free Geek tech support, and I went to the mad cowboy presentation. He was pretty convincing of the vegan lifestyle. Besides the obvious issue of being nice to animals there were also very strong environmental, and health reasons. He surprised me by saying that dairy is even worse for your health than meat, and it is closely tied into the veal industry. I want to become vegan now probably the strongest I have wanted to since elementary school.

Wednesday was the day I finally got the shelves up in the Free Geek library. I found that the back side of a bookcase in the meeting room had a ridiculous shelves on it facing the wall, and that they had the exact same bracket as the shelves in the library. I cannibalized, and no one is likely to care. Weeee! I saw the black hole for the first time. I borrowed a power supply to test out a laptop which ended up not doing anything. I also went to the personaltelco meeting which was about the unwire Portland project, and very interesting.

Thursday was snarble's birthday. I dedicated it to her. It was her first day back in school after the hurricane evacuation. I think I also went for a walk in the park, and read some.

Friday was the Free Geek BBQ that I really really wanted to go to. It was also the day of the bus trip to the OSUOSL. It looked like the bus was going to get back to Free Geek a little after the BBQ started, but largely because of some horrible wreck on I-5 the bus got back just as the last group of people left the party :'(. I so wanted to get to know other free geek people better. The trip was very interesting for the people I met. I managed to miss all of the tours to the server room so I never got to see master.kernel.org, and other such famous servers, some of which I use on a regular basis. I started free_geek in the last week or so to help me get to know free geek people better. So far I have two new people on my friends list because of it. When I was in free geek for a while after getting off the bus I talked to Shawn about the library who I had no idea had anything to do with book acquisitions actually I don't know if i had ever talked to her before. Oh, and come to think of it I also talked to Nate about setting up barcodes, and scanners to streamline gizmo id processing. It seems unlikely that I would have recognized acquiring free label stock as a critical part of the process.

Saturday I went to the Stumptown comix fest. I hated to spend money on parking so I ended up parking at Loyd Center, riding the max to the square, and walking the rest of the way to PSU. I also stopped by Free Geek for a little bit.

Sunday I had a free meal twice. Once with my grandparents, and once with my friends Deren, and Becky. I also watched an absurd amount of TV. Usually Sunday is the only day of the week I watch TV where I am the person who actually turns the TV on, and I'm not just passing through. UPN seems to have picked up Stargate Atlantis, AND Farscape. Gah I can't help myself. Stargate SG1 is the reason I watch on Sundays, and if there is a second Stargate show, and Farscape I think I am doomed to nerd vegetable bliss.

Monday I didn't really get up for the day until noon. Then I took Deren, and Becky to the airport to go to Disneyland. On the way home I stopped by KBOO, because I have been wanting to know what the place is like, because I wanted to be cooler by having a bumper sticker, and because I am still trying to track down a guy who says he does a lot of volunteering there because I think he is doing the same kind of project as someone I met on the bus trip, and I want to help with their networking. I think he is likely to be at the PHP meeting at Free Geek tomorrow so maybe I can catch him then.

I probably missed something important. I have been busy. It wasn't that long ago that I was frequently bored. Now days I have trouble finding time to learn something new. I haven't gotten very far through the PostgreSQL book I have been reading. I was planning to be around page 100 by tomorrow, but I am only on page 39.

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from: skisungirl
date: Oct. 4th, 2005 07:16 pm (UTC)

Dan, I'm actually a little jealous you got to see the man himself, Lance Armstrong. I'm not one of the bracelet wearing followers but I do have a lot of respect for the guy. It's sounds like you've been a little busy lately with all sorts of crazy stuff. I'm glad to hear you girlfriend is safe.

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Daniel Patrick Johnson

Re: Livestrong

from: teknotus
date: Oct. 5th, 2005 06:06 am (UTC)

When I visited you seemed to do more in a weekend than I do most weeks. Well maybe not anymore, but I think you still have me beat.

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