Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

I've been busy

It's been a long time since I made a post here. Well actually I accidentally posted something meant for a community here last night before I took it down, but in any case people who only know about me because of my LJ posts have no idea what my life has been like recently.

Most importantly I went to Texas for the month of July. Most of that time I was in Houston, but we made a few short trips out. I got to see NASA, and swim in the gulf off Galveston, and got all the way to Austin twice. It is certainly a different place than I am used to. The culture is different in different parts of Texas much more so than I would have expected.

I went to Houston to be with my girlfriend who is going to school there. Since I got back I have been torn between thoughts that I should have missed my flight back to Portland, and my realization of just how important the things I have been learning here will be to my successfully making a living doing the work I want to do. My friends are here. Most of what I want to be doing are activities around Portland where I don't know if similar activities are even available in Texas. It is so hard being away from the girl I am in love with that I can easily imagine giving up most of what I have just to be with her even when I feel like what I have is increasing every day.

So what did I learn in Houston? I learned a lot about myself. I learned that there were things to do there, and that I could be happy there for a long time. I learned that any place you find an enron, or a haliburton you will find people trying to save us from them. There are good people everywhere.

Since I got back I have been spending a lot of time working at Free Geek. I have started up a library project there which all stared when I was working a booth at OSCON (the O'REILLY Open Source CONvention), and after talking to a few publishers about Free Geek getting promises of book donations. After I brought the books I was given on the spot by "No Starch Press" to Free Geek it became apparent that although they have a sizable number of technical books there is no order too them, the book cases are often inaccessible, some books are just in boxes randomly on the floor someplace, and there is no checkout procedure, or even a catalog. Really you should know what books you have before you start asking a publisher for books. Yesterday I spent many hours trying to get junk cleared away from where I want to put book cases, and I only made a small dent because someone else decided that what I wanted to move away had low priority, and I had no authority to move it to anyplace else.

Oh yeah I should say a little bit about OSCON. That was at the beginning of August. I was working a booth for pdxlug. I setup the HDTV demo using Linux only hardware. It was really just meant to attract attention so that people would stop by the booth. It was more work to setup than I imagined it would be. I think that having some kind of presentation, or reading materials for people to look at might have been a better idea, but it did it's job decently so I can't complain.

I just did Jury Duty on Wednesday September 7th. Out of the huge basement room at the courthouse full of people I was the twelfth name called. I spent around an hour, and a half in the Jury box while the lawyers questioned us before I was finally let go for who knows what reason as they didn't say. It seemed that the defendant was accused of drunkenly breaking into his girlfriends house breaking some things in the process, beating her up, and then threatening a witness with bodily harm if they testified truthfully against him. A multiple day trial to be sure. I was so glad that I wasn't on that Jury. By the time I was released all the other juries were filled so I got to just go home. Weeee.

I've done various other interesting things too like I did another ivy pull, and last night I went to find out about the social movement in Venezuela. All I can say is no wonder president Bush rewarded Pat Robertson for declaring that Venezuela should be murdered on the 700 club by putting Mr. Robertson's charity high on the list of places to send relief money for Katrina victims. Note that Pat Robertson has told people to send money to help evacuate Rwandan people escape genocide, and instead used the money to move his private mining equipment. Pat doesn't actually care about people unless they are white members of churches that tell people to watch his show. But anyways back to why Bush hates the president of Venezuela. Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela took all of the oil money the country had been giving to it's wealthiest citizens, and started using it instead to help it's people. Health care has become a right. Even expensive AIDS drugs are free. Oh, and college education is now free their too. Bush hates Chavez because he makes sure that the power is in the hands of the majority rather than in the hands of the rich minority, and this scares him because what if this idea caught on in America. Actually I should read more about this. It's interesting.
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