Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

A short rant

Anyone remember the first of the 2004 presidential debates? George W Bush was completely surprised by the lack of positive support he got from the crowd. Why? Well he had only been speaking to hand picked audiences that thought he was great. He has systematically removed from power anyone who dissented with his opinion. For example General Eric Ken Shinseki said that more troops were needed to keep order after crushing Iraq forces, or there would be a mess that would take years to clean up. Guess what the good General was right, but he got retired because he did his patriotic duty to tell the truth. He was a constructive dissenter. Someone who tries to help by disagreeing.

I'm that type of person. If I think someone is doing something wrong I want to tell them. This gets me in trouble. People try to turn deaf ears to me just because I don't think the same things they do. I'm not sure when I should draw the line. Should I ignore the fact they are wrong this time even though they may hurt themselves, or should I just agree with them, or stay quiet so that they like me better. It is so much easier to tell where the line is with my brick, and mortar friends than with my online friends. I can try to read their faces, and decide to stop talking, and with experience I know what sets them off, and I can just avoid the whole mess. I've been wondering if I should just avoid giving all sensitive advice to online pals who didn't specifically ask me for it. You know just ignore anything short of them saying that they plan to kill themselves, others, or do something that recklessly risks others lives like drinking, and driving.

What do you think? Have I given you advice that you would rather I hadn't? Was it helpful, or did it just annoy you, or make you mad at me? Would you rather I gave you advice you would rather not hear if it could save you from making a serious mistake, or stop a destructive behavior you already have? Or would you rather I kept my mouth shut if you didn't ask me specifically for advice? Or finally would you rather that even if you specifically ask me for advice, that I lie, and take your side even if I don't agree?
Tags: online community, politics, rant
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