Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

I want to be healthy

I just killed a spider. I don't like to kill things. If something like a ladybug gets in my room I might ferry it safely outside, but if I see a spider roaming around I kill it as if my life depended on it. Especially since someone on IRC was talking about the spider bite he got years ago. I looked up the local dangerous kind, and found out it looked awfully similar to ones I had seen in my room. I should do some more room cleaning so that I can eliminate the places they might make homes. I wonder if they are getting in through some crack or, if they are breeding inside the house. *shivers*

Also I made a backup copy of the program I have been working on. That gave me the courage to make the drastic changes I needed to make. Ones that will break the program for a while. Silly how such a little change in behavior can make a big emotional difference, and give oneself new freedoms.

I found out that Andy has recently gotten addicted to Stargate, and tivo's 12 shows a week now. He didn't start watching the series until the one that is currently on cable so he has a lot to catch up on. I decided I would let him borrow season 1. He takes good care of his stuff, and he has loaned me his own things before, so I can trust him with it.

I seem to have an unquenchable hunger this week. I think that might mean that I am deficient on something, and my body is making me eat until it gets enough of it. I am worried about my health. A while ago I was denied health insurance because they said I was too big a risk. I think mostly it is a diet, and exercise problem, but I don't know what to do. The only people who seem to be getting healthier through diet would probably tell me that part of the solution is to eat meat. I don't understand what makes up a healthy meal. If I knew how to plan healthy meals I still wouldn't know how to cook. Even if I knew how to cook I don't have money to buy the ingredients. Ugh!
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