Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
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Today's lessons

Lesson 1
It is easier to get up at 7AM if you don't set your alarm for 7PM.

Lesson 2
If your car appointment is for early in the morning they won't even look at it until late afternoon.

Lesson 3
Quick stops at my grandparents house have a good chance of lasting for hours, and involving manual labor outside during a rainstorm, and heavy things falling out of the sky.

Lesson 4
Intermittent car problems will not be a problem on the day of your car appointment.

Lesson 5
Car repairs cost more than quoted.

Lesson 6
Poop cola probably tastes a lot better than free car shop coffee.

Lesson 7
If you had hardly any sleep the night before, and you got up really early don't stay up till 2AM.
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