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TV is too addicting

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Oct. 8th, 2004 | 03:20 am

I think I got a total of three useful things done today. I think I spent significantly more time running at the park than I have managed to before. I picked a lot of grapes as a favor for my mom. And I jumped on my neighbors trampoline doing both forward, and backward flips, body slams etc. Other than that I think I just spent my time eating, or watching TV for the most part. It sucked me in even though I cant say there was anything especially good on. Maybe I just felt like zoning after the exercise. I guess I was also good before the exercise. I got up earlier. I drank less coffee. I did some reading.

Still the only thing that stands out is the exercise, and that really was a good deal more motivation than I can usually muster. I'm proud of it.

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