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Oct. 6th, 2004 | 04:05 am
mood: sleepysleepy

I didn't get all that much done today, but I did have a nice time at the park. I jogged a significant amount. It is hard to motivate myself beyond a walk, but I need to if I am really going to lose weight.

When I was walking in the park I was thinking about what I could do to save my favorite parks from invasive non native weeds that I killing everything in their paths. At one park there are very big trees that seem to have been killed by English Ivy. I know there are organizations in Portland that are working an almost never ending battle to fight these plants in forest park, and I really have been thinking for at least a month that I should find out about these programs, and see if anyone is trying to organize anything for Hillsboro parks. I have to admit that although it is high on my mind when I see these destructive plants I haven't even googled for answers when I am home.

I was disappointed that John Edwards seemed to lose the debate. I guess both of them had a pretty poor record in the legislature. Edwards because he often didn't show up for a vote, and Dick because he made a lot of bad votes none of which he denied. Some of the things I remembered were that Dick voted against: meals on wheels, Martin Luther King day, and a resolution that South Africa should free Nelson Mandela.

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