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Day of inspiration

I was invited to Stumptown comics fest by my old pal lx. I enjoyed myself much more than I expected to when I first arrived. The feeling I got reminded me of the county fair when I was younger. I would spend time talking to people until I had picked their brains for all they were worth. I didn't do that quite so much today. I just picked at random people a little bit. The enthusiasm to create was rather infectious. For so many it was a hobby rather than a career. Something they did because of their passion for it.

One artist that particularly impressed me was Christopher Baldwin. He talked a lot about his long running strip http://www.brunostrip.com/. If it wasn't for all the interesting talk about it I don't know if I would have read much at all. It seems to deal with all of the challenges of life in a very thoughtful manner. I might get addicted. His latest creation which I saw much more of at the show than is currently available online http://littledee.net/ is just happy fun for the whole family.

Recently I have been burning out most of my inspiration on stuff I am working on here, or there, and I don't feel like writing much in my journal, or at least I want to write more than I feel like I have time to write, and thus don't start because I don't feel like I can finish, and still get a good nights rest. Which is what I should be doing now, but I feel like sometimes it is worth loosing a little sleep for what may be important memories.
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