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snarble is coming to visit June 9th. This makes me very happy. Today I saved the life of a bunny rabbit that jumped in front of my car. All 4 wheels were squealing for a bit until I remembered all of the hours I spent playing Gran Turisimo. Then I countersteared, let off the breaks until the wheels weren't locked, and I was instantly fine. I drove to a safe parking spot, and made sure there wasn't any dead bunny. YAY I saved a cute little bunnies life.

I'm also happy because I finally finished reading everything before the reference section of my programming perl book. 650 pages is a lot of technical reading to absorb.

Yesterday I went to the international science fair that happened to be in Portland. The few random people on Segway scooters amused me. What I saw inspired me more than anything else. I looked at a lot of things, and thought not only "I can do that", but also "I can do even better than that". I found out there was such a thing as a "plasma speaker". A device that creates sound using blue glowing gas ionized by a Tesla coil. I saw a Rubic's cube solving robot. I saw mathematical equations that I didn't feel like validating, certainly not without pencil, and paper. The most amazing thing I saw, something that made it into the paper, was a way to increase the amount of information that can be sent through a fiber optic cable. Highschool kids managed to do something that giant telecom companies had failed to do.

My progress with programming is somewhat disappointing because I am always wanting to learn more than I want to do. So given the choice I will usually read about coding rather than write some code. On the plus side the code I do write keeps getting cleaner from the influence of the substantial amounts of code I have read. On the down side I have less code to point at, and say "I did that". I do tend to push myself. My c hello world program didn't just write a hello message it wrote out a .png image file too. I got help with it I admit, but though it wasn't advanced from a programming standpoint it was advanced from a "I'm not a C programmer, and I thought I would just try to write something" standpoint. I've read a bunch in my algorithms book too.

I've been wanting to get into OpenGL, but one thing in particular that has been holding me back is that I will have to figure out how to get hardware acceleration, AND dual monitor support working at the same time. Neither one is trivial with the complexities of by hand creating X windows system config files. I've been putting off doing that for so long. I'm also wanting to backup stuff on my computer, and I haven't found any convenient software for it that runs under Linux.

I have been gaining weight despite my usual efforts to control it. I really need to just get on my bike, and go for nice long rides, but I keep wanting to focus on learning instead. I have to stop making excuses about all the things I make excuses about. It is a hard thing to do.

There is so much work I got to get done to be ready for Catherine's visit. I need to clean stuff up, and do some odd jobs to earn money for fun stuff. I need to plan things for us to do. I'm just really happy. :-D
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