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Oh crappy poo

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Mar. 30th, 2004 | 02:18 am

Somehow I managed to miss the whole point of the subject of my last journal entry. That of being practical. Something staying up this late isn't doing for me.

My longer term plans.

1. Develop my mad skillz to the the point that they are marketable.
2. Get a decent programming job.
3. Find out how to, and get into a decent university that I can attend while also working.
4. Pay for school with work, and then apply for graduate school at MIT.
5. Finally go to school at the place I have longed for since childhood.

Yep that is it. Trying to be practical, and do things somewhat traditionally instead of my usual trend of attempting to figure out everything on my own, or worse trying to get someone to simply tell me the answer without any work on my part. :-P

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