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Becomming practical?

I decided that I needed a day to recover from my trip up the hill yesterday. So I just did the walking today. Such a perfect day out. Saw so many people with minimal clothing. At least one lounging on a towel in the park wearing a bikini. Was going to mow with my dad, but he got out the door first, and that meant that he got the newer tractor, and I got the old old one that I couldn't get to start. So I resorted to pruning trees instead. Then the neighbor showed up on his lawn mower in our yard. I think he actually drove down the street instead of across the property boundary. He offered to help mow the field. When they were done with the field my dad parked the tractor, and I took over. I raced around our front yard with my neighbor. It was like a race to see who could mow the most the fastest. It was fun. When we passed each other going opposite directions we might give a salute to each other, or a high five. It was so much more fun than normal mowing. Then I did more pruning. I offered to help mow the neighbors yard, but he said it is already done. I got to go help them sometime. They are such great people.

I got my copies of of 'Mastering Algorithms with Perl', and 'Perl Cookbook' in the mail today. The guy delivering the mail even rang the doorbell, and hand delivered it. I like mailmen. Understandably I did more reading today than code writing today. Code keeps getting easier for me to grok, but I had to reread a bunch of stuff today before it's complete meaning stopped eluding me. Hard work indeed.

Turns out we did still have cat food. In a bin marked bird seed.
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