Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

Poor kitty

So I find the kitty making lots of noise. Her bowl empty. No bag of food to refill it. Nothing in the fridge that looks appropriate for a carnivore. Not only do I have no money I am probably too tired to drive safely. The kitty isn't my responsibility, but all the time I find her bowl next to empty, or she is locked outside when her food is inside. I find I have to take care of her, or no one will. Maybe she can steal a neighbor cat's food. They certainly steal hers.

On a positive note I feel ton's better today. I even got on my bike, and headed up my favorite big hill. I didn't make it to the top. Maybe 1/3? Could be wishful thinking that I make it that far. I don't appear to be in as good of shape as I was at the end of last summer, but I am certainly in much better shape than I was at this time last year. Since I got back from my ride I have had so much more energy than I have on a usual day. In a good mood too. Not sure how much of it was just being out in the perfect weather, and how much getting tough exercise that gets my blood pumping.

I also got more programming done. As I understand things better my progress in writing code gets faster. I think I probably need to be 20 times as fast as I currently am to be a professional at it. I'm not good at judging how fast I will improve, but I am hopeful that I can make a career of it reasonably soon so that I don't have to work jobs I don't enjoy anymore.
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