Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

My modest Birthday party

Amanda (never_here) was the first person I managed to find at McMenamin's, or did she find me? She wrote about it a little here. I didn't exactly plan it all out well because I didn't specify where to meet, and it is a big place. The line for the movie seemed like it was a quarter mile long. The wait to get a seat in the restaurant was around 2 hours. It was a mess. A miracle I found anyone at all. Finally spotted Olivia (bloodyvee), and Zach (magus2k2), and tracked them into the theater lobby. Corwin (puncher) was no where to be found. I was all wishywashy about what to do as my plans seemed to be falling apart. Some friends who wanted to come, but didn't really have the money for a party invited us over, and that decided what we would do. I gave up on finding Corwin, and decided I would get some pizza, and then head over with the rest of the people. In the parking lot there was a laptop open on the trunk of a car. Without noticing that the screen had my journal open on it I yelled out "YAY COMPUTER". Why I don't know I'm just weird, and do things like that sometimes. Anyways when he turned around it turned out to be Corwin trying to find a means of finding me in the zoo of people. (<--double repeating?) We all headed over to the friends house (NOT on LJ). They were having a yard sale. I should have asked them which one was my birthday present instead of thinking that everything was out of my price range. Really having me, and my friends over was the present.

I never would have thought my birthday party would consist of making fun of the people getting arrested on cops, and drinking PBR while a tiny dog chased off one big enough to intimidate me. It was fun. I enjoyed it.
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