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I eat too much

About the moment I got back from Houston I got sick. I nearly felt like puking in the car on the drive home from the airport. I wonder if the stress of leaving my girlfriend behind in a far off land weakened my immune system. I intentionally sat next to people who looked healthy, but then I guess all the air is circulated around, and you can't avoid the diseases. I cried twice in the airport in Houston, and couldn't help the urge to call my love during the stopover in Phoenix. I got off the phone to find out the plane was boarding... Oops.

I think I should write about what actually happened in Houston. I find myself telling people as much or more about her family as about what we did. Perhaps because her family didn't treat her like she was on vacation at all, and she was expected to drag me along while she did errands for them. I think that says something about how much they depend on her that she couldn't avoid duties most days of the week. It got frustrating. I never got to visit NASA because we might plan to go, and then wind up having to do something else in the middle of the day when NASA is too far from downtown to have a visit broken up that way. We went to the science museum twice! I think that says a lot about a girl that she would be interested in such things. I think I was more interested in a lot of the things there because I hadn't seen them before while she had.

I should write this in installments, or no one will want to read all of it, and thus not read any of it.
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