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Surprising actions

Last night I spent a lot of time working on cleaning, and organizing my stuff. So unusual for me. Usually pretty much any which way I think of to rearrange my stuff it won't work for some reason or another. Some day I will design custom furniture, and a custom house to match so that everything works seamlessly together.

Then someone on my friends list was having trouble with their C++ class. I despite never having tried to even compile a C++ program before in my life decided to try, and help anyways. I got everything in the program she was writing to work. I guess I know more than I though I did. I guess it is a lot more important to think like a computer programmer than to have much experience in a given language.

A few days ago I saw some men standing around next to an unmarked police car questioning a guy whose hands were bound with zip ties. On of the men questioning him had full upper body armor, and an assault riffle. In the next few minutes two more police cars showed up. This was in the parking lot where my car was parked at the time. The way the police cars were parked I don't know if it would have been possible for me to drive away. I park there at Lincoln Park almost every day, go for a walk around a long loop twice before going home. It is my usual get in better shape routine. So I came across this scene when I was finishing my first loop, and by the time I finished my second they were all gone. My thinking was that there was some disturbance in the park, and the undercover guy just happened to be the closest to the scene at the time, but that view changed today. I went to the park again today, and this time there were quite a few people there. 15-20 maybe. All apparently searching very hard for something. Some walking through the children's big sandbox with metal detectors. A line of people crawling shoulder to shoulder on their hands and knees through very wet grass. It has rained so much in the last few days that I had to take at least a two mile detour do to flood related road closures. I didn't envy the work they were doing by any means. Must have been unpleasant. At least there was sunshine until just before I left the park. They were still going strong. Areas neatly marked out with string. I asked if was a drill, and got confirmation that what they were doing was directly related to what I had seen happen the other day. All I really know is that they were "looking for something", and by how much work they were putting into it clearly it was very important to them.

Do you think I should look for a park that feels safer, or do you think how much work they are putting into their job is evidence that they take very seriously the job of protecting one of my favorite parks?
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