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Tear Factory

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Dec. 13th, 2003 | 04:42 pm
mood: lazylazy
music: 07 - MFG - Welcome To The Edge

I couldn't resist the need to talk to the girl I love the other day. Even if that ment loosing everything. I didn't realize that she thought I wanted to break off things when all I wanted was to calm things down a bit. I've been starved for attention for so long I hadn't ever considered that too much attention from someone I love was even possible. I think she understands now that I still love her a lot, and want to be with her.

I'm thinking I will enroll in more classes spring term. I'm not sure about winter term yet. I think I want to start a job without worrying about school at the same time. Then spring term I can do both. I seem to have passed this one class. The first college credit in so long.

The stress from the other day was so much that my body is still recovering. I had some weird problem with one of my eyes. A combination of extreme pain, and the inability to stop having tears roll down my cheek. The other eye was fine. In a sense I went a whole 24 hours where I couldn't stop crying.

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