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Snarble, and stuff

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Oct. 18th, 2003 | 06:15 am
mood: enthralledenthralled

Catherine aka (snarble) who I usually chat with via aim for hours every day actually sent me pictures of herself. Looking at the first picture she sent me tonight made my heart skip a beat. She is more attractive than even my imagination could create. I feel fortunate that such an amazing person cares that I exist. I already knew that she was fun to talk to with a brilliant mind. It's as if before I thought of her as a yummy chocolate cake, and now I know there is frosting too.

I started my perl programming class on Thursday. The teacher seems to know everything. I think it will be a fun class. Only 7 people in the class. One of them gets to play with a 600 node Linux supercomputer at work. I'm a college boy again. That makes me so happy. Hopefully I will do really well, and move up to something more suited to me than community college. This class is much better than I expected from PCC. Especially after my experience last year with the calculus course gone bad. I need to get my books still. I think that means I need to beg for money.

I managed to make debian unbootable last night. I have a few ideas about how to fix it but I haven't really worked on it much. It only seems to be an inconvenience since I figured out how to get to my debian desktop via mandrake. It will cause me to learn more, and I think that is a good thing.

PS. The pictures are for my eyes only, so don't ask.

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Fat Mofo

heck ya

from: scooter360
date: Oct. 19th, 2003 01:53 am (UTC)

Snarble rules plain n simple. she's so fun to talk to. brightens up my day. thanks for introducing me to her dude you rock the cat box!

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