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Even when it is over it's not over yet

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Sep. 3rd, 2003 | 04:27 am
mood: sleepysleepy

I went to my Grandparents house to take my uncle to the airport. He wasn't there. He was still at the store. The store we closed down after almost 30 years of business. The store he started.

Rent isn't paid we should be out I guess. Uncle said that there was still stuff at the store. It includes a set of furniture that cost thousands. I get back from the airport, and after unloading it drive Grandpa's truck to the store. It was far worse than I imagined. I think it would take me over a day to move all of that stuff. Even then some of it was too heavy, and awkward to move on my own. Even shoving some stuff across the carpet was tricky. I spent a few hours there. Took a load back to the grandparents house. Decided I wouldn't be lucid enough to handle driving for much longer, and headed home without unpacking the truck. Nothing worth the effort to steal in it.

I'm hoping that the mall owner doesn't change the lock on us. I'm not sure if the company made enough money on the going out of business sale to pay off all it's debts. Any assets we have left we need to try to liquidate. Loosing them simply by not having them out in time would be so stupid.

I'm only human, and I had no idea we didn't have more time to move out so if it is all gone I guess I will only feel a little guilty.

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