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May. 27th, 2002 | 01:09 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Fans, hard drives, my creaking chair

People arn't what they seem. People tell me *hugs* all the time, but when I see them do I get a hug. NO! Well at least not usually. What people tell me through email, or over the phone, or even in person doesn't seem to match the actual them. It is not until you know someone a while, and spend time with them in a variety of surroundings do you start to know the actual them. My friend Ian is a dick to anybody at work, including myself. People really don't get along with him. I know that really he can't separate his loathing of work from his feelings for anyone around him. Similarly when he is in a good mood from playing games, and such he likes the people around him, and is nice to them. It's no wonder that people who play games with him like him, and people who work with him don't. Well no wonder to me, but I have known him for years. Knowing this is not enough to be his friend, he is more complicated than that. Not many people are simple, himself included. Not many people ever get past the stage of surprising me on a regular basis. Even when they cross that line. I can't explain them enough for other people to understand them. I have many more examples but I know Ian will be fine with what I wrote here, but I'm sure other people wouldn't be fine with my examples of there lives. Even if I made them anonomous. I know them a bit too.

Also I am sleepy, and I don't want to type anymore.

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