Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

I don't care if it is only a hill that mountain kicked my ass.

I just looked at my journal from last year, and I guess I met Becca on the 11th, or Maybe it was on the 10th, and I just didn't post until the 11th.

I rode my bike up to the top of this big hill near my house today, and on Sunday. I decided that even all the work to make it up that hill is easy compared to the extreme boredom that my regular route has become.

I'm so so so tired. I don't think even this jumbo Mt.Dew can keep me awake long enough for the blood moon to get closer to the horizon so that I can see the meteors.

--Begin rant--
It is a good thing that Gateway computers are reliable, because their customer service sucks. The one lady pretty much accused me of throwing the computer on the ground, or taking a hammer to the motherboard. They were telling me that I should pay for a new motherboard when the problem was simple enough that I would have fixed the problem in a few minutes with a single drop of glue if it wasn't still on warranty. The Tech who was much nicer to me than the receptionist seemed to agree with me, but said that he wasn't certified to use glue, that was only something they could do at the factory. I swear if they hadn't honored my friends warranty I would have made a little cardboard sign, and lost them 20k in sales sitting on the side of I-5 for a few minutes. Or I could have just yelled at them for 10 minutes that probably would have screwed up sales. I can't stand it when companies make promises about service, and then don't live up to them. --End rant--

I think I will take a shower, and try to figure out how to make debian work right.
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