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Time intervals

One minute ago: I was pissed at Live Journal because all of my requests were forbidden.

One hour ago: I just got home from a free meal that tasted really good but made me strangely queasy.

One day ago: I was working on getting debian installed on my computer. Probably the most frustratingly unfriendly installer I have ever used. Right now I can't boot into my old Mandrake partition, and X windows doesn't work in the debian one yet so I am stuck with XP, or Knoppix for a while. I also got a free bicycle that I will probably fix up, and sell to a friend for cheap.

One week ago: I found myself on the front page of the Forest Grove News Times. I was one of many people gawking at "Old College Hall" moving down the street. It's older than the state of Oregon which really isn't that impressive to people in other parts of the world, but it was still cool. I think it was about 2000 square feet, 2 stories, and a bell tower. It was taller than the buildings it was moving past. I thought the process was pretty interesting. Big trucks have a hard enough time making it around the corner they drove through. So mostly it was just my butt, and the back of my head in the picture, but sill that is the first time I have been on the front page. I think when I had my face on the front of a section of the Oregonian it was much better though.

One month ago: I was having 4th of July fun. Or really it was the day after, and I was probably in an unhappy withdrawal.

One year ago: I quit my job at DirecTV.
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