Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

A voice from the distance...

Since no one ever calls me when I drop my number in Live Journal when I saw never_here make the same request I decided to call, and hope that it will help my karma. Not many people outside of my family call unless they are returning a call. It's not unusual for someone to take a few days to call back. I think the record goes to lovelyurchin at over 2 months. I'm usually not that patient though. Ian has a tendency to screen his calls, and he doesn't have voice mail. The usually the only way to get through to him when he isn't especially bored is to call him repeatedly until he gets annoyed enough with the sound of the ringing phone to pick it up. Even then there is a good chance he will just pick it up, and hang up. Which was really a bad thing when I first moved in with him, and didn't have my own phone line yet. My mom kept freaking out because she couldn't contact me. From my room I couldn't hear the phone line so what could I do. I really wish more people would call me.

Anyways I always thought that never_here was a cool person, but after talking to her on the phone it I decided that typing speeds are a serious limitation. I can't talk that fast with most people. I think I could have easily lost a lot of money in phone charges if I wasn't careful Yeah, so I think she is really cool.

It makes me wonder what it would be like to talk to some of the other people I only know from online. So far unless I meet someone at a party I always talk to them on the phone before meeting in person someone I only know from online. The voice is always a surprise. When I met Becca in person I thought she was a lot cuter than any picture I had ever seen of her. I think most people are more wonderful in real life when the show their true colors. I know I'm not always good at opening up in real life. I have spent many a party hiding in the corner.
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