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The internet is a strange, and wonderous place

The other day I was surprised to find a frind of a friend, was a friend. Hmm. Well that is if I follow the LJ friend links. I worked with LX at Fry's electronics. I had no idea he had a live journal. Then I noticed something familiar in the comments of a friends journal. Then someone random messages me that they need an invite code, and manages to convince me to give them one on the second day they message me after promissing to give me the invite code they get after being online for a week. I wonder how many other people they pleaded with to give them an invite code. They were only 14 so there was no way they could get a paypal account to get one themselves. I remember that kind of powerlessness. Finally a friend of mine messages me telling me that I should move in with him. I think I will. It could mean that certain people won't want to visit me, but no one does now, so what would that change. It would also mean broadband internet, digital cable, a much much bigger room, shorter commute, and living with a friend. It might be a bad idea, but I have never lived with a friend before.
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