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A day at the beach

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Jul. 16th, 2003 | 04:31 am
mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

Amazingly not one person on the trip was high strung. It was relaxing. I did all the driving. My parents, my aunt Lynn, and Grandma met my sister where she lives in the Newport marine science complex. We went out to dinner at a brewpub on the waterfront, and then passed the actual Rouge Brewery on the way back to my sisters place. We got a little guided tour of the nature trail there. My sister was pointing out all kinds of things.

We spent the night at a beach house owned by a friend of my moms. I asked for the master bedroom, and got a roll out cot in the living room. I think my feet stuck out at least a foot from the end of the bed. I don't have any pajamas so in no privacy situations I end up having to wear whatever I normally wear in the daytime. Maybe if I went to bed naked with no covers in such a situation I would start getting the bedroom to myself.

At breakfast like every other meal on the trip I got more than I could eat. Oh if only I could eat a third as well on a regular basis. We got to Yaquina head only to find that the place was having a free day. We found my sister Lisa in her cool ranger uniform down by the tide pools. I hiked all around the place. I hiked to the top of the lighthouse, both hills, and down two both tide pool areas. About the only trails I missed were in the interpretative center. Most of the red from my sunburns is gone already.

I had been planning to go swimming with a friend when I got back, but they had to stay late at work today. After such a long day, a crappy nights sleep, and multiple long drives I crashed around 9PM, and woke up a little after 4AM. I think I am going to take another little nap.

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