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Will work for food

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Jul. 14th, 2003 | 01:43 am

Yesterday I spent most of my time helping Amber move to her new home. Well really most of my actual assistance happened in the first half of my visit. After that it was mostly talking. I would have helped her move just to be a good friend, but she treated me to a meal so good that I didn't want to share. Oh, and booze. Most of the time I don't drink because I want to be able to drive home at a moments notice if someone, or something is bothering me. I liked all of her friends, and friends friends so I felt no reason to leave until I was either in the way or in risk of being sleepy before I completed my drive home. Goodwill missed out on a printer because I have been wanting one for quite a while. People almost always give something away that they don't want anymore when they move. I just looked around my room because I know I have gotten a few things from all the times I have helped friends move but the only one I can spot is the sony TV I got from Grant when he left for Hawaii. I think he is in Japan still.

Except for the two prong power outlets the new place is really cool. I was really impressed with how quickly they made the place nice. It almost seemed settled by the time I poped Ambers demo in my cd player for the ride home.

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