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Fear of embarassment has stinky breath

I rode my unicycle in a busy park today. Lots of people were staring at me, but I don't think anyone noticed when I crashed into the pot-o-potty. Some kids said "cool", and "awesome". One of my friends invited me to go someplace that could be supremely more embarrassing. I am seriously considering going.

I have been living a little vicariously through dating shows. The other day I watched 4 in one night. This one guy had a cool move on the 5th wheel where he got girls to kiss him by saying that he was a terrible kisser. All the girls on the show kissed him in order to find out if he was just being self conscious, but it backfired when the girls figured out that he was playing them. One girl didn't care though, and just thoroughly wanted him. But although I would have thought that she was really really hot she apparently had horrible oral hygiene, and breath so bad that nobody wanted to be near her. I liked elimidate too. He picked the girl who was grumpy because she was sick over the hottie who wanted in his pants.

I guess I am going to be working in the family's Bugatti Leather store in Lake Oswego on a somewhat regular basis. I agreed to go there all day Tuesday if anyone wants to visit. I will probably just be counting stuff. I feel a little bit like a sell out. Being a vegetarian selling leather. It just doesn't sound right.

If only I could stay up late, and get up early without being tired all day.
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