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A short ride

I figure I rode my bike about 48 miles this week. I'm going to try to get that number up to 100 by week five of my riding program. I think I might do it sooner than that though. I should hook my meter back up so that I can get better numbers than my guesstamation. It has already affected how I feel a lot. The ride still feels more like work than fun though. I used to mostly ride because it was fun. The saddle is still painful to sit on. Thats considering that I have a shock absorbing seat post, and about the most comfortable seat on the market. I did my homework on the seat. I went through several before I made the effort to really find a great one. When I was in good shape even seats with no padding felt comfortable to me. That's what this is all about though. Feeling good, feeling comfortable.

bexfabulous 98%
bexfabulous 98%
axiomjunglist 91%
imamanatee 91%
pandaxian 87%
sachmet 87%
bloodyvee 81%
tarod208 80%
darkspin 78%
magus2k2 77%
041277 76%
joyceeangel 76%
kchild 71%
dj_girl 65%
ravequeen 61%
basslinedoll 54%
stasia_x 50%
leisurebeing 47%
snarble 43%
brittyn 35%
How compatible with me are YOU?

I noticed that there are 4 ties in my list. Becca is tied with herself for first place. Go Becca!! If I read the matching rules right there are only 23 women LJ users within 50 miles of me that are as compatible as Becca. She also got 98% compatible on thespark.com's personality test. I don't know that thesparks test matters a whole lot though because I have gotten along really badly with people it rated me as very compatible with. Maybe it is more of an indicator of potential friendship if we see eye to eye. Two of my greatest friends did get really high scores. She was the first friend I made because of livejournal, and I just noticed the other day that I created my journal on her birthday. Strange strange. But I think you can always find something uncanny if you look hard enough. I can't argue with it's declaration that Becca should get along well with me. I think I have over 1000 pages of instant message logs, and I haven't even known her a year. Now that I think about it exactly one year ago I found a journal of someone who guessed that I was Becca's friend. Now I am feeling all nostalgic. I looked at the comment where I am introduced to Becca, and Sachmet's LJ_Connect is mentioned in the same thread.

Damon ties with Des for second place. There is also a tie for third place. I'm too tired to go into that though. I will just say that I like even the people at the bottom of my list quite a bit, otherwise why would they even be on my list.
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