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Owe! My eyes! My eyes!

Painting was sucked today. Ton's of scraping of the kind I was told I wouldn't have to do any of in the whole project. Standing on somewhat stable board. Almost fell into the hot tub with a bucket of paint. Paint in my hair. Paint stuck to my eyelashes. The worst part is I thought I was going to be done today, and finally get paid. Don't even have the white trim paint. Told I have to primer everything that I will be painting white thus it will take more than twice as long as I thought it would. Plus I'm going to be painting a whole lot more white than I thought. Could be a whole day more, maybe even two. My grandparents notice, and pickup a single sesame seed on the counter. I expect I will be called back to do touch up. Argh. Projects at my grandparents always go on way longer than I expect them to.

Why I was so happy on Thursday...
I was so worn out from my exercise earlier in the week that I needed to take a day off or risk collapse. My neck was sore from all of the starring strait up while painting the huge overhang. I went to the chiropractor to make the nasty pain go away. A woman at the office I don't think I have ever seen before stopped in her tracks, and looked at me intently. I decided to get out of her way but she kept looking at me. She made some kind of compliment on my hair. I probably have 360 bad hair days a year, so I couldn't believe that even if I was having a pretty good hair day that it was anything to talk about. I think I said "nah", but then she said I think "you are a lucky lucky man", and stopped twice as she walked away to look at me again. I'm sure that she saw something about me besides my hair, and that was just what she decided to complement me on. The same day my cousin noticed that I looked like I had lost weight since he last saw me. It is rare that I get any kind of compliment on my looks that I take seriously. It made my day. I had plenty of other reasons to be happy about the day though. I saw both Wenona, and my neither of whom I had seen in almost 4 week. They gave me hugs :-). Oh and I saw for the first time this rad show on tv. I think it was called extreme elimination. Its a game show from Tokyo that they didn't bother to get a Japanese translator for when they dubbed english over the Japanese. I mean what are the chances that all the contestants would talk non stop about their private sex lives. Some of the games were pretty damn cruel. Like in one event there was a tug of war where you picked a rope to pull on but you wouldn't know who you are competing against until after you won or lost because of a screen obscuring them. It might be a scrawny woman, a whole teem of wrestlers, a cow, or even a bulldozer. The show was funny enough with just the images, but the ridiculous dub made it one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

I love you all... Goodnight :-)
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