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Mild Success

I was working on a cool post last night when the power went out, and I discovered that when I last worked on my computer I managed to not plug it into my battery backup. Tonight I am not in the same wondrous mood so I guess my post won't be as interesting. Sometimes I don't feel like going into things very deeply for days, and I end up posting nothing at all.

I'm not too happy about what I got done over the last two days. I only really wanted to get two things done. Exercise, and taxes. Yes I know I am two months behind, but I filed an extension. I barely started on taxes. I just find anything anything at all more interesting, and I get distracted. I went on significant bike rides two days in a row. I am proud of that. I guess it's just that I want to get more done than I end up doing, and I'm not good at forgiving myself for not trying harder.

I think I have about 8 hours left of painting my grandparents house. I guess I will try to finish that tomorrow. I think I may actually be able to convince myself to do that day labor stuff where you just show up, and they give you a minimum wage crap job for the day. I think it would encourage me to work harder on learning skills that can get me a job I like.

I'm actually planning on going back to school instead of back to work, but I did really terrible my first round at a university, and I want to be sure I can handle it. I decided that the best way to be prepared is to learn how to organize my space, and my time. Neither looks pretty right now so I think it will take a while. I want to get going on a plan to do that this week.

Since I am bored by my own writing I think I will stop now, and say goodnight!
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