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I can hear again!!!

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May. 31st, 2003 | 12:26 am
music: TV add for "The Italian Job"

While waiting to see the doctor I actually started reading one of the books Olivia gave me for my birthday. I think that says something about how often I read fiction. My ear got fixed. It felt a little like someone pressure washed my brain. I think my ear reacted to not being able to hear by becoming super sensitive. I was disoriented in the other direction for over an hour.

On my way out of the building I walked up to the elevator just as it opened. The girl standing there had been waiting for a while, and commented that my timing was perfect. Then most of the way down the elevator suddenly dropped fast,then halted so fast that my knees bent absorbing the blow. We were stuck. The girl trapped with me said that she gets really bad claustrophobia, and started freeking out. She went for the phone. It had no directions. She punched the button a bunch of times, and nothing happened. I mentioned the the light was turning on, and off. She got the idea to try to use it like a walkie talkie. She managed to tell the operator where we were. Really it was a toggle. Push once to call, and once to end the call. So she kept calling the operator over, and over again. Not always getting the same person. I didn't feel like telling her that she was dumb. I think she worked there, and might have been a doctor. When I am really stressed I get a little stupid too. She asked me to try the phone, and I found out that help was on the way. Then the elevator suddenly started moving again. This time is went really fast up, and stopped on the third floor. The doors opened. I held the door while I let the operator know that we got out. The girl said she was impressed that I was brave enough to be curious, and not get out as soon as I could. She asked me if I was going to take the elevator down, and I said hell no as I followed her down the stairs. Later I told my friend that I wouldn't have minded being stuck with her for a while because she was really really hot. He said that I should have told her that the reason she was claustrophobic was because she was wearing so many confining clothes.

It was rush hour. I was in Portland. More than half way to my friend Ben's mom's house. I knew that Ben, and his wife Kara were in town for a wedding. Ben's old roommate Aaron is marrying Kara's old roommate Genine (who was born the same day I was). Ben & Kara moved to Boston last year to get jobs last year, and I hadn't seen them in a long time. I wanted to contact them while I was in Portland so that I wouldn't waste the fact that I was in Portland (two hour round trip). I don't have a cell phone, and I didn't have change for a phone so I stopped at Safeway on Sandy Boulevard to get a snack, and some change to use the phone out front. It ended up being a good place to stop because when I called Ben he was on the same street. The phone stopped working while I was talking to him though before we could make plans. I drove down the road to find him, but when I got to the area where I knew he was the traffic was really heavy, and I didn't even spot the place. I crossed the freeway, and turned around. I decided to give up trying to spot him, and just head to his mom's house. I few seconds later I heard a honk, Ben, and Kara were right behind me. Ben jumped out of the passenger side of the truck, and ran down the road to meet me. I felt a little like I was being car jacked, as he jumped in my car.

It's amazing how much fun you can have with your friends just doing unexciting things like driving to the pet store to get flea killing chemicals. We talked a bunch, and I stayed for dinner with his mom. Ben, and Kara work in a call center. The talk brought back all kinds of memories.

I think I am going to the starlight parade tomorrow night.

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Fat Mofo


from: scooter360
date: May. 31st, 2003 02:44 am (UTC)

I wouldnt mind being trapped in an elevator with a cute chick too. especially when you are all brave and like manly and shit like that. that'd rock.

all well. glad to hear you and your buddy are talkin again. thats pretty cool.

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