Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

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Lost in thought

Tonight I was following such inspired lines of thought that I couldn't handle normal tasks at times. A ran out of hot water in the shower when there was probably a full water heater when I started, and thats with the super low flow shower head. I can't really be certain that I washed my whole body because I wasn't paying much attention. It is probably more likely that I washed completely several times, and didn't realize it was time to get out. Sometimes my body goes into a sort of autopilot, and when I thing back almost everything is a blur. Just the same I managed to get from point A to point B. Like a dream one side of the room is in a house on the east coast of the continent, and the other side is in a house on the west coast. While I'm in the dream I don't notice, but as soon as I wake up it is quite clear that what I did was impossible unless I forgot the part where I flew cross country in the middle of my story. Daily life can seem as disjointed as a dream when I am frequently distracted, especially when the distraction is in my own head. They say that one's sense of time is the first thing to go. I can't think of when I ever had a good sense of time to begin with, and today I usually didn't have any idea what the time was. Well not more than daytime verses nighttime, and I'm not sure I would have even gotten that one right.
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