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Not according to plan

I was going to apply for work today, and work on getting myself into college too. I ended up getting discouraged on both counts. I found that to apply for retail level Starbucks jobs you have to do it in person at the store you are interested in working at. This wouldn't have been an issue yesterday when I had a working car. I looked at my school transcripts, and that made me loose some faith in my ability to get back into a good school. I did look at http://www.stream.com but I really really don't want to work tech support again. I bet I could get the job, but unless you have worked tech support before you probably have no idea what hell it is. I'll probably end up working there.

I spent a lot of time today learning about javascript. I think I could learn a useful amount really fast. It reminds me so much of C, C++. I decided the books I have on it are both crap. Thats probably part of why I got them free. It took me a little while but I think I found a good resource on the web at http://devedge.netscape.com/central/javascript/ my first project is going to be an online quiz thingy. Because they spread like a plague, and it will drive lots of people to my site. I like attention.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get to hang out with Corrina if either my car decides to work, or I can figure out other transportation. I hope I also get around to actually applying for a job.
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