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Baby Steps

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Feb. 22nd, 2003 | 01:06 am
mood: Sexxy

I just made a linux program, and it works PERFECTLY. Hott, don't cha think? I wrote it using emacs.

[teknotus@Geo teknotus]$ cd programin
[teknotus@Geo programin]$ ls
[teknotus@Geo programin]$ cc hello.c
[teknotus@Geo programin]$ ls
a.out* hello.c
[teknotus@Geo programin]$ a.out
hello, world
[teknotus@Geo programin]$

For those who don't know C programing thats about as basic as a program gets. All it did was output "hello, world" to the screen when I typed "a.out". I still think thats a considerable accomplishment because...

A) I know next to nothing about Linux
B) I know next to nothing about Emacs
C) My experience with C, and C++ programing is you guessed it next to nothing too.

I probably won't update on my progress again until I have written something that is a lot closer to being usefull. It took me a lot longer to get to this point than I thought it would. I'm still a bit crippled from the emotional fallout related to the people who died on me last month. I explored a lot of possible new directions for my life because of it all.

On a side note I have been in a good mood pretty much all day. Corinna said she would probably hang out with me on Monday, or Tuesday before she heads home, and if I am lucky I will get to say hi to Kristin too. Looks like my plans for tomorrow will be canceled due to illness, so I will probably be available all day if anyone wants to hang out.

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Comments {2}


(no subject)

from: snarble
date: Feb. 22nd, 2003 09:00 pm (UTC)

im impressed :)
i think what you've done in c is about what i can remember to do in c++

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Daniel Patrick Johnson

(no subject)

from: teknotus
date: Feb. 23rd, 2003 12:54 am (UTC)

Yay!! I impressed someone. I hope that means I'm smart.

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