Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

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Look at the pretty colors

I was just playing with velcro strips, and it was strangely fun.

My mind keeps shifting about what I want. For example. I really want to go back to college, then I don't, then I do again. Most of the time I don't feel like doing anything. Not even reading. Or watching TV for that matter. I would rather just snuggle up close to somebody, and stay like that all week long. Maybe it's the gray weather making me want to go into hibernation mode. I'm mostly alert, but getting anything done seems impossible. Not a good mode to be in if I'm going to go back to school. If only there was a 24 hour Starbucks in my home, and I had plenty of money for Venti sized espressos maybe I could give myself a little energy. If I wake up too late in the day I don't want to take my ADD meds that would mostly do the trick because they are time release, and if I take them too late in the day I won't get any sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel up to the task of getting on with my life.
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