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Mild insanity

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Feb. 6th, 2003 | 02:41 am
mood: crazycrazy
music: Astral Projection - Visions Of Nasca

I've been repressing my crazy ideas for a while now. It seems they have joined forces with each other, and have made a prison break.

One of my friends stopped listing me as a friend because of things I posted that disturbed him. So I have been holding back on my entries to keep people happy, but that keeps some stuff inside that I don't really want to hide. I started a new journal zapob where I will put the stuff not everyone can handle.

I started a new religion. pytharwinism I've only convinced a few people to join the community so far. One of the members isn't even a friend of a friend, and I can only assume they were random journal surfing. I want more members. I would like to know any ideas you have for getting new members. I've already heard. "free toaster ovens", and "hot girls".

My mind has really been a lot of places recently. Far more than usual. I can't think of another two month period of my life when I had so many different emotions, good, and bad.

Somebody hit me if I don't get around to writing about my trip to Eugene. I have been putting it off for too long. Ugh I guess I better do it now.

So I went to Eugene to distract me from the pain of people dieing. I'm still not over that stuff. My heart gets knotted up from time to time. I missed a turn on the directions I got from yahoo maps, and those directions aren't very helpful once that happens. I couldn't find an actual map of Eugene in my car. I think it took about 20 minutes to find Andy's apartment. He was a very good host. He helped me find my way around. Hung out with my friends. He even exchanged phone numbers with my second cousin Kinsey. But the last I heard he hadn't called her yet. So that is pretty dumb on his part. He also gave me a DVD he had an extra copy of, and his old computer. I wish I had a place to put it. It's not fully functional, but I have enough parts to make it work.

I don't think I would have gone if it wasn't for Kristin's encouragement. Well I would have gone to Eugene eventually, but I probably wouldn't have yet. I met kchild, and ravequeen at starbucks. They were actually there early, unlike some other people I know. *shakes my fist* As a bonus I met lucid_angel for the first time. I think I shook her hand too hard, or squeezed too hard, or something. For a while they were all taking about stuff I knew nothing about, and I felt really left out. Andy, and I were actually having a separate conversation until I asked if anyone had noticed that we were there. I felt bad about doing that, but it worked. The conversation was quite entertaining, but since this is now going to be my clean journal, and I am too lazy to make a cut I'm not going to write about it now. ravequeen gave me a hug. I wish more of my friends gave me hugs regularly. I gave Kristin a ride home. I tried to remember the route, but the extra complication of avoiding school event related traffic apparently overwhelmed my sense of direction. The next day I tried to retrace my steps to places I had been, but I was baffled by the disappearing dormitory. I eventually figured out that it was over a mile from where I thought it was after I drove past it about 20 times. So I said screw it with regard to finding anything else in Eugene, and went back to Andy's place. Oh yeah, I missed part of Friday. I was dropping off Kristin because she couldn't hang out for long. I would have helped her with her math if I didn't have other things on my agenda. We went over to Kinsey's place on the other side of the river. She, and a few of her friends were wearing swimsuits. One of them was really hot. I hadn't realized it but Andy is really allergic to cats. Kinsey had a bunch of kittens, and she kept encouraging Andy to play with them.

I guess thats about half the story. I'm tired. No one is probably going to read all of that anyways. Tonight I get to sleep before 6AM go me.

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(no subject)

from: jawa_at_night
date: Feb. 6th, 2003 10:32 am (UTC)

i'm sorry about everything ur going thru,............ just know that even though i'm all the way in tallahassee u can talk to me about stuff. i really enjoy talking to u and i'm always here. ...........
lol, that sounded SO mushy. my army rocks.

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Daniel Patrick Johnson

SO mushy

from: teknotus
date: Feb. 10th, 2003 07:38 pm (UTC)

Ooo look. You're online now. That means I can talk to you. YAY!

MY Army Rocks more.

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